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Camel Trek 1 night in Erg Chebbi


This journey begins after a relaxed lunch (depending on when you arrive). The camels will be packed with food, blankets and everything else we need. The trek starts right in the desert where it is completely secluded. The path we take willl lead us to a small oasis right in the dunes. This is where he willl spend the night. It will be a magical night where the sky is clear of cover and stars twinkle and shine with intensity. After a wonderful dinner, we will build a bonfire and play drums and sing the songs of the Berbers, Tuaregs and Moroccans in the south. In the morning you get up early for a walk on the sand dunes and watch the sunrise, just across the border from Algeria, which is about 50km from Merzouga. You will have the opportunity to take quality photos before and after breakfast and you will be driven back to the hostel which is where the tour concludes.
Duration: 1 night

The price includes:

  1. Rent camel and guide
  2. Nomadic tent with mattresses and blankets for the night
  3. Dinner and breakfast
  4. Drum party night
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